Thursday, November 8, 2007

Literature Review

I love books. Actually I think that love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about books. I began collecting children's books about 8 years ago when I was planning on becoming an elementary school teacher. Then, God changed our plans and instead I became a mommy and now a homeschooling mommy - I love having a valid excuse for collecting books.

Of course, collecting books can be quite an expensive habit, so I have had to become a bit creative. One of my favorite hangout used to be one of the used bookstores in our area. However, lately I've been using PaperbackSwap to expand my children's book collection. The kids and I also use our local library A LOT! And you can't beat our online ordering system...I search our library's catalog on-line, put my books on hold, and pick up the books at my convenience! This is a life-saver, especially when toting three children (one on my hip!).

There are so many times when I come across a good book - and I want to remember it so we can check it out again, or find others by the same author, but I don't want to spend the money to add it to my collection - so I think I will start blogging about my library finds so I will be able to refer back to the book/author when I need to...

The first book I want to review is one that we actually own. I bought it for my youngest's first birthday. I recently discovered Priddy books, we have a few of the cloth books (so cute) and I wanted a board book...At Borders I came across B is for Bear which is a board book and a touch and feel book - Each page features one letter of the alphabet and a picture to go along with the letter. Most of the pages have some sort of touch & feel component (which all my kids have enjoyed) - either a fuzzy duck or a sparkly rain drop. Caleb's favorite is the mirror for the letter "Y" ("Y is for you, go on, take a look"). Those pages that don't have a touch & feel piece are usually brightly colored and still very attractive to youngsters. I also enjoy the written words, they do rhyme and they are fun to read.

I have enjoyed all of the Roger Priddy books that we have encountered so far. This one, however, is one of my favorite Priddy books.

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