Friday, November 14, 2008

Summer Zoo Trip

We have a small local zoo that we have been wanting to check out for the past few years - but hadn't - so when Grandma & Papa told me that they wanted to take the two older kids - I asked if Caleb and I could tag along.

This is what greeted my mom and I (and Caleb in the stroller) as we entered the venomous reptiles building. They were cleaning one of the cages and I guess this snake wanted to explore outside the cage - and they let him! Needless to say, Mom and I turned around and left the building shortly afterwards - when the snake came out even farther!

I thought this alligator exhibit was pretty cool.

This picture was taken by my 11-year old niece - I love the perspective. When my hands were full with the almost 2-year old, she grabbed my camera - and she actually took a lot of really good pictures.

Another one of her pics - this one of the mountain goat.

This one I did take - I was determined to get a good one of this kangaroo.

The kids absolutely loved this zoo. This particular zoo didn't have many of the traditional zoo animals, but they had a number of exotic animals that we might not be able to see at the larger zoos. Plus it was only ten minutes from our house - and we had buy one-get one free coupons -and Grandma & Papa treated!

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