Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy Day

Here's a picture of our first snow of the season. Granted, it's not measurable snow - but it is snow!

The kids couldn't wait to get bundled up and check it out for themselves. The first time he went out, Ryan took a magnifying glass along so he could study the snowflakes more closely :)

I let them play on the back deck for a little while - Abby was disappointed that this wasn't "snow angel" snow - but if her constant squeals of delight were any indication - I'd say she enjoyed herself.

And of course, Caleb had to join his big brother and sister. At first he wasn't sure about the cold, white stuff swirling in the air, but he soon decided it was was okay.
Oh, and this is what happens when I ask all three kids to pose for a picture - Ryan and Abby usually pose while Caleb turns his head just enough to prevent me from getting a good picture - and he does do this on purpose. I know this because as soon as I put the camera down he turns back to me and smiles!

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