Friday, October 26, 2007

learning notes - 10/24 through 10/26

It may look like we've taken a break from learning, but even though we weren't "doing" school, Ryan has still been practicing reading - he's been reading real books to all who will sit still long enough to listen!

This week, however, we did get back into "doing" school:

L/A ~ letters "G" and "W", sight words "were" and "to", making words list: mice, dice, rice, nice, cot, cop, can, lot, pal, look, pool, loot, lake, late, let, good, gas, gate, got, west, wade, dog, grab, grass, gone, wall, well, will, wig

Math ~ MUS Primer 9F - review page; Singapore EarlyBirdK 2A p. 61 - working on tens and ones place

Read-Alouds ~ Beaver Pond, Moose Pond by Jim Arnosky, Old Beaver by Udo Weigelt, Get Busy Beaver by Carolyn Crimi, Beaver at Long Pond by William George, Box Turtle at Long Pond by William George

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