Thursday, October 25, 2007

learning from Frugal Hacks

I've always considered myself to be pretty good with money, that is, pretty good at making it last. However, since I've become a mom I haven't been able to spend as much time doing the work to "save money" like shop different stores for the good deals, clip coupons, etc. However, a few months ago I was starting to feel a bit frustrated over our grocery bills - it seemed that I had done all that I could to reduce this bill (very little convenience foods, stock up on sale items, make a list, menu plan, etc) and it still kept going up! Then I read Biblical Womanhood's blog about her $35/week budget for her family of four - how can that be possible??? She inspired me - instead of just accepting that our grocery budget would continue to rise and I could do nothing about it - I began taking little steps to bring it back down (not quite as low as $35/week but also not the $90-$100/week it seemed I was spending before). First I went to a cash system for groceries (recommended by Dave Ramsey), then I clipped a few coupons for some items I usually buy - so far just making these 2 little changes has worked wonders for me! I plan to continue to work on this area of our budget since its really the only one that I can change for now!

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