Friday, August 24, 2007

Starting our homeschool journey

This will be our first official year of homeschooling; I can't believe my little boy is already old enough to be going to kindergarten. Our plan is to homeschool for the duration (through highschool), unless, of course, God changes our plans. For Ryan's K year I am using Winterpromise's Accel K LA program, MUS Primer and Singapore Early Bird 2A & 2B, and History for Little Pilgrims & A Child's History of the World (history read-alouds). I am also adding in science & other fun stuff from WinterPromise's Ready to Learn program and read-alouds from WP's Journeys of Imagination Program. I chose the Ready to Learn & Journey's programs with the hopes of being able to include Abby (age 3) in some of our painlessly as possible. I also have a variety of preschool workbooks that have been given to us and Rod & Staff's preschool workbook set that should keep her busy with her own "schoolwork".

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