Friday, August 24, 2007

Learning Notes - Week of 8/19

We began doing school "lightly" on 8/13...Ryan is quickly working through the WP LA program, he pretty much knows all of his letters and their sounds - I am just having him do one page of handwriting practice for each letter (capital and lowercase) per day, we are doing most of the other phonics stuff (ETC & Jump Right into Reading) verbally. MUS primer is also mostly review for him so far.

Language Arts:

  • Letters E & K - did ETC pages & Jump Right Into Reading (JRIR) verbally, Italics H/W for both capital & lowercase of each letter
  • Lang Arts for Little Ones 2 (Queen) - lesson 4
  • practiced writing our phone number from memory, learning correct way to answer phone


  • MUS Lesson 4 (rectangles), page 4A & 4D (review)
  • Hop. Skip & Touch Nose game from Games for Learning


  • Circle Time ~ calendar, Who Am I Riddles from Dr. DooRiddle book, madlibs, read-aloud poems, "Go In and Out the Barn Door" song from Sing, Play, Create book (kids loved this one), Bible Story Coloring Book (from Rod & Staff)
  • Nature Walk ~ took a color walk
  • Read-Alouds ~ Mrs. Pigglewiggle's Farm (Ch 1), "Milly-Molly-Mandy Gives a Party" from Treasury of Classic Stories (TCS), "Jesus Loves Me All the Time", "Jesus Loves Me", and other songs from Happy Days Treasury (HDT)

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