Thursday, September 6, 2007

learning notes Wednesday 9/5 and Thursday 9/6

Wednesday: sounds for letter "p" - we pretty much speed through most of the phonics pages because Ryan already knows most of his letters and their sounds...we did spend some time using letter cards for letters we've already reviewed to make the following words: bake, rake, fake, take, make, fat, mat, rib, me, rat, bat, fib, kite, bite, bike, am, mike, pit, pet, pat, sit, at, sat, sam, bam, pam

Thursday: Last night was not very restful for me so we took a break from "school" but we did do lots of read-alouds: BINGO by Rosemary Wells, Stone Soup by Ann McGovern, Berenstain Bears Week at Grandma's & Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, Daddy Kisses by A. Gutman, Biscuit Meets the Neighbors by A. Capucilli, Wibbly Pig is Happy by Misk Inkpen, Good Habits for God's Kids: Good For You by Laura Derico; Seven Special Days by H. Gambill (JOI selection) and Tanglefoot by Richard Scarry (JOI selection).

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